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Interior Design Styles Extend Outdoors at This Napa Valley Ranch

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The distinctive interior design styles Ireko is known for — that of intermingling classic notions of design with modern interpretations — has lead to unique and inspiring settings. Ireko interior designers apply the same creative artistry to exterior spaces. In a recently completed project for a Napa Valley Ranch homeowner, interior designers Jim & Michael redesigned the home’s exterior space to conjure up visions of a Mediterranean villa. The exterior design uses styles that complement one another, evoking fantasies of enjoying Halloumi cheese dishes at an open-air restaurant in Cyprus, or an authentic cantu a tenore performance at a Sardinian festival, or taking in examples of Moorish architecture in Majorca.
Exterior Design in Napa

Exterior Design Creates Mediterranean Feel

When the Napa Valley clients contacted Ireko to transform their outdoor living space into a Mediterranean oasis for relaxation as well as entertaining, Jim & Michael realized that the careful harmonizing of the design elements was a key component to making the look work. Because the open-air courtyard is a staple in Spanish and Greek cultures, they opted to primarily rely on style elements from these two regions for the atmosphere of the space. Support columns reminiscent of ancient collonades work in harmony with the open-air courtyard and lead guests enticingly to a hearth where an outdoor fireplace warms them after a swim or as they enjoy a glass of wine on a cool Napa evening.
Outdoor Design at Napa Valley Home
A gorgeous rectangular pool represents a focal point that is flanked by a seating area with strong Greek and Catalan influences. The outdoor furniture around the support columns is carefully set to create an enjoyable seating arrangement for guests. Comfortable fabrics in similar hues covering the seating areas are nevertheless durable to withstand the heat of a Napa summer and the damp cool of winter, enabling the homeowners to keep the seating areas outside during the heat of the summer and even during California’s rainier seasons. The flagstones used for the outdoor flooring and the light beige of the columns present with an eggshell white hue when they receive the full sun. The resulting play of darker and lighter surfaces is a joy to behold.

Of course, if you are thinking of adding Mediterranean flair to your home or outdoor space, you have plenty of other options as well. Etruscan plaster, terracotta, and even marble are just a few of the design elements that you might consider. Moroccan garden furniture paired with lush plants will highlight a more North African feel while the use of cobalt blue, bronze, and burnt orange hints of Moorish style elements. Which would you prefer?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation of an Ireko exterior design project. To view more angles on this home’s stunning open-air spaces (and its Ireko-designed interior), please visit our Portfolio page.

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