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Interior Design Services

At Ireko, we define the art of interior design as personalizing our clients’ lives with sophistication, functional elegance, comfort, and a passion for timeless style. As our journey as interior designers and home decorators has evolved we have developed a uniquely convergent approach to design, where the classic works in consonance with the contemporary.

Regardless of whether we are working with a client to transform a single room, or redesigning a home in its entirety, we want to tell the client’s story through the interior design plan we develop together. Our aim has always been to realize our client’s expectations, and our goal will always be to surpass them.

Our design offerings

Our design process

Interior design is a professional service, where the end result is a product of not only of inspiration, but organization. We’d like to provide more detail about the steps in our process, so you know what to expect.

Step 1: Initial site visit and space planning

Ireko interior designers will visit your home to map out the interior or exterior spatial areas, looking for the most effective uses of space, determining ideal walkway patterns and floor plans, noting use of light and type of architecture, and much more. The result of our visit will be development of a space plan and layout for each room.

Some clients will want to get rid of all their things and start with everything new. Other clients will want to keep some of their things. While this is an opportunity to start over, we embrace the idea that all space planning involves a balance between the client’s past, which is as important as the creation of their future. We give our clients choices based on their budget and desires.

Step 2: Present samples and options

Based on the space plan, we will develop possible options for furniture and upholstery, color schemes, window coverings, fittings and moldings, decorative and aesthetic elements, and more. Throughout this process we continue to get to know you and your likes and dislikes.

Step 3: Prepare a quote

When you select the plan and options you desire, we will draw up a quote for the interior or exterior design for your consideration. We work very hard to create quotes that work within your budget.

And it does help to have a budget in mind. The world is full of great things, some ridiculously over-priced, and some ridiculously under-priced. Appearance does not always have to coincide with a price tag. But a $2,000 Roman bronze will always be a $2,000 Roman bronze (though a first impression of it could be $200).

Step 4: Schedule and install

Once you have accepted a quote and plan, we will set up schedules for installing all of the elements of the design. This ranges from large, yet complex details such as architectural changes, to the smallest details, like placing the perfect candle in its holder.

The last stage of the design process is the installation of the furniture. We like to install the furniture once it has all arrived and we’ve had a chance to have a full inspection of the pieces. We do our best to accommodate your time needs.

Common questions about interior design

What is the starting point for an interior design project?

  • Begin with a space plan. Consider how the room will be used and what will be happening in the room.
  • Secondly, evaluate the overall color scheme. Is it a warm or a cool color palette?
  • Lastly, work from the larger items to the smaller ones.

What’s the best choice for lighting?

Lighting is a critical component of the design to create focus or drama. LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is a popular trend. The lighting source must be secondary to the effect that it achieves in the room. Make careful lighting choices to enhance your interior design.

Is it okay to mix and match furniture styles and periods?

Yes, the most exciting of all looks is a combination of different furniture periods and styles.