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Interior Design of San Francisco Loft

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“Thank you for the lovely gift. You guys are the best designers on the planet!!! I get so many compliments on my homes, people are awestruck by San Francisco.”


– Stephen
Owner, Loft at Millennium Tower

Ireko interior designers Jim and Michael were contacted by a San Francisco businessman. He had purchased a loft in the Millennium Tower, a recently completed high-rise condominium in the South of Market district downtown. The client asked the Ireko owners to create a comfortable yet unique home base to which he could return between trips for international business travel. The client also expressed desire for an interior design with elan and sophistication for entertaining guests in San Francisco style.

Jim and Michael met the client at his loft where they were able to see the space and imagine the opportunities it held for creating a unique home. They discussed the interior design changes they could make to emulate the art deco style the client loved, and which plays such a rich role in San Francisco history. The atmosphere Jim and Michael would create would feel modern architecturally while also making an emphatic yet elegant statement on the art deco style so synonymous with San Francisco living.

Before and After — A San Francisco Redesign

To get a sense of the space, Ireko’s designers had these before images taken of the open floor plan from the living room space to the kitchen area:

From these empty spaces and blank walls Jim and Michael added color in tones of ash brown and charcoal gray to give the loft a dramatic yet moody feel, whether entertaining in daytime or nighttime. They added paneling and custom casework that, in the Ireko style, was a mix of art deco and earlier architectural designs. Next they added furnishings of zebrawood and leather, an intricately detailed fabric shade, floor to ceiling drapes with silvered sheers that continue the color scheme, and a theater curtain that reveals a widescreen media display. In the kitchen area they added tall, stylized, tree-form lamps along a bar that spans the length of the room and placed tobacco-colored inlaid wood bar stools for ready entertaining.

Jim brought in a photographer to shoot images of the finished rooms, including the main interior image below. To view the complete set of after-images of the living room and  entertainment spaces, as well as the bedroom, please visit the Portfolio page.


The last step to complete this new interior design was to reimagine the bedroom using shades of ebony and mahogany on the surrounding walls that would flow from the ebonized wood flooring. In Ireko designs, where classic marries contemporary, Jim and Michael completed the bedroom with chrome accents, a classic leather chaise, a zebra wood bar, and a partner’s desk beside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The interior design for this room provides a sense of warmth and calm. Please also visit our portfolio page to view the finished look for this room.