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Interior Architecture and Design Enlightens New Home Rebuild

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Ireko is honored to have been chosen by several homeowners in Sonoma County to lead the design of their rebuilt homes, which were destroyed by the recent wildfires. One specific project in the Santa Rosa area, is a partnership between Ireko designers Jim and Michael and the architects at Harkey Construction. The team seeks to make the clients dreams come to life from the ruins of their old home, which was burnt to the ground. Jim and Michael were thrilled to bring their extensive interior architecture and interior design experience to the project.

The homeowner recently shared: “I’m out at the property now and just love the home design. I often think about the old house and really how much I disliked it. This is such an amazing result of the fire. So, in some ways I feel lucky. You guys seem more like family as you have been on the whole journey and before! I’m looking forward to the upcoming phases, tile, cabinets, flooring, etc. We also just approved the pool to begin.”

While the fires were destructive, a new, better, safer and more inviting home will be built in the area.

Mixing modern and natural design elements

Taking lessons from the destruction, new houses will feature elements to help ensure their survival in the event of another tragic fire season. Incorporating stucco, along with a metal roof and black metal doors and windows is a subtle way of adding safety into a modern design. 

As you enter the home through the front doors, there is a feeling of spaciousness as you are able to look directly through the house to a 60 foot pool that runs the length of the back of the house.


Subtle inset patterns on the walls of the oversized shower with integrated seats make the master bath more relaxing and open.

Blending interior architecture with interior design

It must be noted, there is a difference between interior architecture and interior design but when combined in a complimentary fashion, amazing rooms can come to life. According to NewSchool of Architecture & Design, “An interior architect designs building interiors & space planning while an interior designer focuses on the actual furnishing and decoration of an interior.

At Ireko, our training and years of experience provide us with the necessary knowledge to design architectural components and plan spaces that give our interior designs life. Our close partnership throughout the entire rebuild process ensures that each square foot has the attention it deserves. 

Complete ground up rebuilds of a home offer a unique opportunity to incorporate the ceiling as a part of the overall architectural design element which is not normally available. The ceiling in this Santa Rosa home combines functionality with aesthetics through different materials that add layers of texture and color. This union of form and function helps tie together the greater presence of the room.

Building from ruins of the old home, a new complete vision will soon be ready for the owners’ return to this beautiful area of Sonoma County.

A fresh start can be liberating

Rebuilding, starting over, can be overwhelming. Whether rebuilding in their current location or starting from scratch in a new home and community, homeowners share an emotional journey. For those who come to the realization that they can’t rebuild the life they once had in their old home and neighborhood, there can be a sense of freedom to begin the process of moving on. The key is a positive approach in looking toward what can become.

Reimagine your new home

Based on our rewarding experiences helping homeowners redesign, here are a few key concepts we embrace as we begin the creative process.

  • Re-imagine – If the home you lost was a traditional style, reimagine it in a more contemporary way. If going completely contemporary is too much, consider a combined approach of mixing old with new. Our designs are frequently inspired by the past in order to transform the ordinary into something exceptional.
  • Stay open to new possibilities – Moving forward in a more imaginative way, by not holding on to the past, can help to open up to any number of possibilities that may not have been considered in your former home. Fresh architectural design and detailing can refine and ultimately transform a design concept that may have been difficult to achieve in your former home.
  • Mix it up – Blending a sense of different times and place together makes for a more exciting interior. We excel at seamlessly fusing a variety of design styles to create a unique space that reflects our client’s style.

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