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How To Create A Comfortable Outdoor Living Space For Your Home

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Stylish and comfortable outdoor living spaces offer the perfect place to relax and entertain all year. At Ireko, we approach exterior design projects from the perspective of creating the equivalent of an interior living space or floor plan in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Patio

This entails creating one or more distinct sitting areas within a larger space. The focal point of the exterior design is the main conversation area, a perfect place for safely entertaining guests. The secondary seating area offers guests the comfort of a familiar setting, while serving different uses.

Outdoor Living Room

The resulting space incorporates a central conversational grouping with luxury seating possibilities. Additional areas are created for casual dining and lounging, offering opportunities for community or a quiet moment of sunbathing or reading.

The goal of these outdoor settings is the same as an interior space. Beautiful and comfortable outdoor furniture and accessories in the same colors and styles as the interior are selected. Interior and exterior flows seamlessly from one to another, creating a sense of unity and familiarity.

Outdoor living spaces then feel collective rather than competitive. The design of exterior furniture is always something that flows from the style of the interior. Color of fabrics and finishes are factored into the exterior design choices, with individual pieces chosen from within a collection.

Enhance Your Outdoor Design With Unique Furnishings

In contrast to some “patio furniture” manufacturers that appear to belong only outside, we are now working with several suppliers to help create furnishings that work seamlessly either indoors or outdoors.

Stone Yard

Stone Yard Pool & Patio

Photo Credit: Stone Yard, Inc.

Stone Yard offers a comprehensive collection of antique pieces perfectly complimented by their own original designs. Outdoor products include everything from console tables, to coffee tables to planters and fireplace mantles. All items are available in either stone, cast stone or fiber stone. Fiber stone is a fusion of cement and glass fiber material that offers a lightweight product that feels and looks like stone. These handcrafted designs for outdoor spaces are also available in a wide range of custom finishes.

Summer Classics

We have also incorporated pieces from Summer Classics, a premier luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer of modern, high quality resin wicker, cast, wrought aluminum, teak and iron patio furniture. They provide unique furnishings and incorporate fabrics and seating materials that are designed to live outside 365 days a year. The furniture and case good pieces are designed to be used inside or outside, so it brings an inspired look without being specific to either setting.

Cool Weather Entertaining Calls for Outdoor Fire Bowls

One safe and stylish outdoor living accessory to consider when the weather gets cool is a fire bowl. Fire bowls provide a fun and elegant heat source without the mess and maintenance of a fire pit or natural outdoor fireplace. Explore the benefits of fire bowls to enhance outdoor living.

Design Resources

Want to learn more about design? We invite you to explore the following resources, or visit our design and furniture store in Santa Rosa.