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Inspired Architectural Design Enhances Luxury Southern California Home

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The redesign of a luxury retirement home in a golf course community of Indian Wells, California provided the opportunity for Ireko interior designers to develop an architectural design in addition to recreating the interior and outdoor living spaces of the master home.

Making Connections Between Guest House & Main House

This affluent Indian Wells community originally had been developed with a main house and a guest house on each piece of property that surrounded a top-rated, 18-hole golf course. The basic structure for each of these homes had been designed in an Italianate style. The main home, for which the owners had asked Ireko to create a new interior design, had been built with a master bedroom as well as three additional bedrooms; the separate one-bedroom guest house on the property, like all of the homes in this particular development, had been built less than ten feet away.

The homeowners had also approached a number of architectural firms about connecting the two homes since they had rarely used the guest home. They were turned down by each with the same conclusion — that the two homes could not be adequately attached in a way that would be architecturally pleasing.

When Ireko’s co-owner Jim Rascoe was approached by the owners about their idea for the guest house, he took on the challenge, refusing to accept the architects’ conclusions. He set about designing an architectural plan that could stylistically connect the two buildings and allow the owners to fulfill their dream of making the former guest house a connected wing of the main home containing a private library and office space for escaping to a restful, quiet retreat within their own home. And because the guest house had been built to run parallel at one side to the main house yet did not extend to the full length of the main house, Jim’s design would include construction of a small square room added on to the guest house to fill in the missing length, creating two symmetrical ‘wings’ of one home. The addition also increased the overall square footage to the entire home upon the project’s completion, adding more investment value while also providing more opportunities for use of this extra new area by the owners.

Jim’s design attached the homes via an atrium between the kitchen in the main home and the library in the new wing, making two homes into one in an easy architectural flow that incorporated all of the features of the two structures. Once the structures were connected, Ireko worked with the owners to develop and install a new interior home design throughout every room, which at once erased any final evidence of the separate buildings while also creating interior and exterior spaces that flowed as equal parts of one complete vision for the home.

Interior Design Creates a Home of Many Hues

The owners of this home had worked with Ireko on interior designs for homes they had previously owned, before they settled down in Indian Wells, so Jim was keen to incorporate the clients love of color into the interior design for this latest purchase. The home had been designed in the way many homes in these desert communities were designed, with overuses of beige and cream that seemed intended to match the muted colors of the surrounding environment. Jim created an inherently Italian color palette of rich crimson tones, gray-greens, and splashes of gold that infused the home with color, creating an atmosphere of warmth and elegance better suited to the tastes of this Southern California couple. The color palette unfolds in the upholstery selected for the sectional sofa and chaise, the throw pillows arranged on leather tub chairs, and the rich tapestry of color selected for the bed linens, window coverings, and draperies.

For the kitchen, Jim selected the unusual granite of mustard and gold for the counter spaces, and for the rooms, he and his interior design team added an eclectic mix of art and objects of Asian and old-world European design that integrated harmoniously with the many pieces of art and furniture the clients had collected over the years.

The home was built with cavernous spaces, particularly for the living room and master bedroom — both of which faced the golf course — but every room had been built with big in mind, and each had high ceilings. To change the cavernous feel to one more atmospheric, it was important that the interior design bring the scale of the home into a human level. One way they accomplished this was for Ireko interior designers to choose big objects, including the furniture and home accessories, but it was the placement of these elements in each room that created the more intimate feel the clients wanted for those quiet times, as well as the grand showcase home they envisioned for entertaining.

Exterior Design Features Landscaped Courtyard

Just as the two structures were connected from kitchen to atrium to library, Ireko also redesigned the exterior living space to create a courtyard between the home and what had been the guest home, adding the same seamless flow found inside to the outside. The courtyard would serve as both final design touch and connecting piece to the puzzle, to which Ireko added beautiful and comfortable outdoor furniture and accessories in the same colors and hues of their interior selections.

And just as the courtyard complements the new interior design, it also provides a magnificent space that allows the owners to step outside from their library to read a book or to sunbathe, to entertain friends and family with dinners prepared in their new kitchen and enjoyed under the stars in the warm desert clime, or to serve cocktails on the veranda and invite their guests to stroll past the pool and the expertly landscaped gardens to the property’s edge and gaze at the luxurious greens just on the other side of a low stone wall. This is Southern California living at its best.

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