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The Benefits of Our Interior Design Process

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Benefits to Shopping at Ireko

Space Planning
Creating beautiful interior designs for Sonoma County clients has always been a primary focus of Ireko. Our rich and varied interior design portfolio offers the opportunity to see many of our finished projects, providing a great visual sense of what we can create for your home.

But Ireko is more than an interior design firm. We are also purveyors of gorgeous case goods from some of the finest furniture manufacturers in the U.S., as well as many international brands. We offer our customers the key benefit of working with Ireko’s interior designers who shop locally for premium furniture brands. The merchandise our customers have access to via our showroom in Santa Rosa provides opportunities to see, touch, (and sit upon), a variety of furniture, home decor and accessories that you won’t find in retail stores, nor anywhere else in Northern California.

We enjoy being well known for the professional services our interior designers provide, but we also want homeowners to know about the many benefits that come from making an Ireko purchase through our store, including:

  • One-of-a-kind furnishings, home decor items, and accessories
  • Competitive prices
  • Showroom items that are not available for mass purchase
  • Website items available for delivery in a timely manner because of Ireko’s extensive list of vendors

Ireko interior designers also offer free design guidance when purchasing furnishings or home decor from our showroom. The ability to discuss your home project with the owners of Ireko, who are often at the store helping clients with their design decisions, offers another key benefit to the local experience we provide.

Local access is also a reason many of our clients have returned to us when they have purchased a second or sometimes third home. Because we have been in business for more than 30 years, we have been able to develop and refine a world-class interior design process that is transparent and well organized.

What to Expect During the Interior Design Process

In a previous blog, we provided an overview of our design process. Now we’d like to provide more detail, so you know just what steps to expect in working with us.

Step 1: Space Planning

After your initial visit to our showroom, we’ll enter the space planning phase of your project, taking into account the public or private nature of the space and how you (or others) will be using it. Some clients will want to get rid of all their things and start everything new, whereas others will want to keep some of their things. While this is an opportunity to start over, we embrace the idea that all space planning involves a balance between the client’s past, which is as important as the creation of their future. We give our clients choices based on their budget and desires.
Fabric samples at Ireko
It does help to have a budget in mind when you make your first visit. The world is full of great things, some ridiculously over-priced, and some ridiculously under-priced. Appearance does not always have to coincide with a price tag. But a $2,000 Roman bronze will always be a $2,000 Roman bronze (though a first impression of it could be $200). We invite you to visit our space planning page for more on this aspect of interior design.

Step 2: Options

After the general scope is formed based on your desires and budget, we will formulate all of the different options to match your goals. Throughout this process we continue to get to know you and your likes and dislikes.

Step 3: Quotes

Once we’ve drawn the plans we will present them to you with different options that are tailored to whether your project is for your home or a business. Included in the presentation are quotes for the project and an estimated time for completion. We work with various contractors and will find the right one to match your project scope.

Step 4: Installation

Ireko Interior Design
Finally, the last stage of the design process is the installation of the furniture and/or whatever parts of the project have been agreed to during presentation of the project. We like to install the furniture once it has all arrived and we’ve had a chance to have a full inspection of the pieces. We do our best to accommodate your time needs. After we install the furniture, we can accessorize and install draperies to finalize the decor of the room or home.

We developed our design process as a way to help you determine what you want for your home. Our process is critical to helping you create an environment you will like. By taking the time to shop at Ireko, we can show you the many possibilities for the space you are considering for redesign or remodel and help you to know what you want — and what you don’t want.