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Ireko’s renown as one of Northern California’s premier interior design and furniture galleries began with humble roots in a 700-square-foot flower shop, part of a 1940’s bungalow in downtown Santa Rosa. Founders James Rascoe and Michael Webb started their business in 1985 designing and constructing dramatic floral environments for private and professional events. The end results were show-stopping, and before long, Rascoe and Webb were enlisted to apply their vision to residential interior design.

The Business of Interior Design in Sonoma County

Jim Rascoe at Ireko in Montgomery Village

The partners’ journey toward interior design in Sonoma County became a fait accompli as their reputation grew for their ability to reinterpret the art and objects they collected into interiors rendered wonderfully unique thanks to the unexpected yet delightful juxtaposition of the objects placed within them.

The once-flourishing flower shop was transformed into an interior design business, with its original name, “Ireko,” still defining the work that Jim and Michael create every day. “Ireko,” which comes from a classical concept in Japanese culture that suggests placing something small into something larger, exemplifies the Ireko interior design concept — and Jim and Michael extend this idea to their exterior designs and architectural renderings, defining how different layers of an environment interact with one another.

Having grown from the original Santa Rosa bungalow to a larger showroom, and now to a new, still-larger space in Montgomery Village (at 424 Farmers Lane), Ireko’s interior design and furniture store continues to juxtapose the antique with the contemporary to create a wholly new, cosmopolitan-yet-classic stylings and concepts. In addition, Ireko’s extensive research library offers resources for all manner of custom design, including architectural design and detailing, remodeling, custom furniture, bedding, drapery, lighting, home decor, and accessories.

At Ireko Jim and Michael believe their clients should experience the life and the home in which they want to live. Their interior designs reflect the timeless sophistication and elegance that is possible… and the romance of it all. Please visit their interior design and furniture store to explore a world of endless possibilities, and become part of Ireko’s continually unfolding history of design in Sonoma County.

James Rascoe

Jim has degrees in both fine arts and cinematic arts. Leveraging his educational background, Jim set the original interior design direction for Ireko and continues to do so, working with clients on every phase of a home’s redesign as well as the selection of home furnishings, lighting, and decor. His strong passion for ancient history greatly influences his approach to interior and exterior design, and he has meticulously developed partnerships that allow him to curate the most unique and sophisticated brands in the world. Jim’s selections of one-of-a-kind art objects and furniture are on display in the Ireko interior design and furniture store, but when you view his portfolio of work you can see his talent for interior and exterior design in Sonoma County homes and beyond, and feel his touch on everything he chooses for his clients, from draperies to colors to accessories.

Michael Webb

Michael provides his business and financial management acumen to the Ireko partnership. Under Michael’s stewardship, Ireko has grown from a tiny retail space housing a floral shop, through three successful expansions in the interior design business, to its current stature as one of Northern California’s foremost interior design and furniture stores. His expertise has helped Ireko prosper as its reputation grew for creating the finest interior designs in Sonoma County.

Ireko Specialties:

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