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Space Planning

At Ireko we believe a great interior design begins with a thoroughly researched, functioning floor plan. Therefore, we closely examine each space in order to define the best way or ways to use it.
Space Plan at Millennium Tower Condo
A seemingly mundane room can be transformed by giving it variety and a “reason” for being — a purpose. A desk beside a bed is no longer simply a nightstand. An over-scale lounge chair and ottoman facing that bed offers relaxed conversation and creates a personalized retreat. A game table behind a sofa suggests intimate conversation for two in the midst of a room that otherwise might only feel comfortable for larger gatherings.

These are but a few of the examples of how we at Ireko utilize spatial planning to transform a room and create harmony between function and form.

Architectural Design and Detailing

Even a perfected floor plan derives its unique “personality” from the architectural setting and details that unify it. From a concept for a structure to the details that ultimately define it and give it breathtaking individuality, the process of architectural design allows us to help our clients’ conceptions and inspirations become their reality. Likewise, architectural detailing not only refines the concept, but inevitably embellishes and transforms it. At Ireko, we are inspired by the past, and often reinvent it, in order to create drama that transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Our Interior Design Process

When potential clients visit our store, often they come with an idea of the new design they want, but just as often, they have the edges of an idea and want to see what is possible. Ultimately, it is the process of personalizing their living space with individual function, comfort, and style that is the goal. Regardless of how our clients achieve their goal, the design process we pursue with the client remains the same. To understand this, we’ve outlined what you can expect of our interior design process on this website. We invite you to visit our blog to learn more about how our designers approach the interior design process.