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Ireko in Santa Rosa, CA on HouzzIreko in Santa Rosa, CA on Houzz Ireko in Santa Rosa, CA on HouzzIreko in Santa Rosa, CA on Houzz

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Interior Design and Home Decor

For more than 20 years, Ireko interior and outdoor designs have been highly sought-after installations in homes throughout Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and San Francisco counties.  Tailored to a client’s lifestyle, Ireko interiors often incorporate architectural details to provide a dramatic effect.

The meticulously planned designs created by the Rascoe/Webb team produce contemporary interior and exterior living spaces with a classic yet modern feel. Their signature Ireko style infuses every aspect of a design project, from fabric treatments, furniture, and cabinetry to lighting, accessories, and art placement.

The Ireko retail store in Santa Rosa has become a premier Northern California interior design and furniture destination, featuring an impeccably curated collection of the finest-quality brands. Shop Ireko and experience the life you want to live in your home.

Best of Houzz Award Winner 2016!

We’re honored to have been awarded the prestigious Best Of Houzz 2016 award! Read our blog and discover which of our contemporary interior and exterior designs were most favored by visitors to Houzz.

Common Questions About Interior Design

  • What is the starting point for an interior design project? We always begin with a space plan. It’s about how a room is to be used. We explore what kinds of things will be happening in the room: Will it require one or more gathering places if it’s a living room, for instance? The second most critical aspect is the overall color scheme for the room.Do you want a warm or a cool color palette? We usually work from the larger items to the smaller ones in designing spaces—from the type of flooring and furniture styling to the accessories and art, for instance. This ensures a proper sense of scale in the room.
  • There are so many choices in lighting now. How should we think about it? Yes, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is popular now and can be used in more precise ways than track lighting or recessed lighting allowed. But we use a general rule when thinking about light: Make the source of the light secondary to the effect that it achieves in the room.While it’s true that chandeliers and many table lamps purposefully call attention to themselves, we honor the real purpose of illumination: to create drama or focus. If you’ll pardon the pun, we believe that lighting should not overshadow the environment it’s in.
  • Is it okay to mix and match furniture styles and periods? What we have found over the years is that the most exciting of all looks is a combination of different furniture periods and styles. One of the reasons European homes are so interesting is that the owners inherited furniture and accessories from different generations.It’s surprising what eclectic combinations can come out of such furnishings at hand. Sometimes the greatest rooms are those that have achieved a sense of “you’ve been there before, and you want to revisit.” Aspects in the room excite both your imagination and your memories.
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